Introduction: A MILK CARTON TOP RING!!

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I saw this in a magazine
and I just had to make it an
instructable!! well, I hope that you
like it!!

Step 1: Get Your Supplies!

You should get supplies that are CLEAN and usable.

You need the little peel off cap under the twist off cap
of a milk carton(CLEANED),a SHARPIE(permanent marker) and 1
hand or finger to put the ring on.

Step 2: DECORATE!!!

Next you will need your imagination.
Think up of a design that would be cool
or it could be a small doodle!
I drew a zig-zag.It would also be cool if you
could simulate a ring by drawing a gem!

Step 3: Next Apply on HAND!!

I think that this ring could be a
index or thumb ring!!!!!!!!!!!
If you like it on your middle
finger that is cool too!



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    Pogs would probably work, and they are being used as small change by overseas military. Once they get back here, they're no good locally, so they should be available from Soldiers and Sailors.

    Nice job! And 2 Instructables in 2 days also! My only criticism would be that the photos are a little blurry. But nice job and welcome to Instructables.

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    Please post the videos on youtube and please also add a picture off the finished product. Thanks Micro

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