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Since this is a phone contest asking for creative phone ideas, I am just presenting a phone I made years ago.

I am surprised that I took those pictures back then, must be thinking about there will be a phone contest from Seeed (I made this phone when I was in China - Shenzhen, and more specifically, Seeed office). Hush... don't let them find out! Haha

I'm sorry this instructable will not be a step-by-step tutorial as all the circuit boards are customized, the phone case is laser cut, and some of the parts are 3D printed. And yes, I lost the source files.....

OK, let's straight to the topic. Basically, this is a phone with a special way of notification. Thinking about the existing mobile phones we use, they are mainly designed with two ways of notification - ringtone and vibration, some of them may include colored LED indicators. These may be enough for our daily use of phones. But if you are a man with imaginations, you would never stop thinking of a new way, a different way, an even more interesting way to notify the phone users when there is an incoming call or message. That's how I came up with this magic phone.

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Step 1: My Magic Potions

If you look closely from the image, you would see how I set up my Magic Phone.

I made my ‘magic potions’ by mixing a drop of my wife's favorite perfume with water, also I 3d printed a liquid container to load the mixture. The front side of the container is covered by a sprayer and sealed with an annular rubber, I left a hole on its back side for liquid refill, it was usually blocked with a rubber plug. This sprayer is made with one of Seeed's product, named Xadow if I remember correctly, and it's not for sell I am sure about that, they just made it for fun XD.

So, the mist spray device is fixed on the top of the cellphone, when there is an incoming call, it would be activated and spray out the liquid I preloaded in the container, and when I smell the perfume of my wife, I know there is a call for me and it always makes me happy, even its a call from my boss XD.

I've tried different liquid as well. Things like coke.. juice.. haha , really tasty!

For size and weight concerns, the liquid container is designed to be as small as possible. This is a bit inconvenient as every time when my ‘magic potions’ runs out, I have to use a needle to refill it. Kind of bothering, but I can live with that.

Step 2: DIY Phone Case

The best thing about DIY phone is that you can always decide what it should look like!

I've made three different version of this magic phone, two with acrylic phone case but has different colored buttons, and one with wood enclosure, kind of retro style. I think I can try different materials in the future, yeah if I have time for that, DIY something has always interested me! I hope you can make one for your own as well! And if you do please comment below to give me the link! I want to see it myself! haha!

Hope you like this. Thank you!

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    This is a really cool idea, but I've got two questions here:

    1. Does it have to take a while before you sniff the fragrance to notice the incoming phone call?

    2. I think you gonna wet your bag or something when the liquid spray out XXXXD


    4 years ago

    That would be wicked cool for anyone to own. Thanks. (when you said magic, I thought it was going to be a hologram or sparkler or something)