A Magic Trick That Draws Your Fingers Together!

Introduction: A Magic Trick That Draws Your Fingers Together!

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This magic trick draws someone's 2 fingers together!

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Step 1: What You Need!

All you need is..

A friend!

Step 2: Starting

Get your friend to stick 2 of their fingers out in a 'v' shape!

Step 3: The Next Step !

Now, this is a bit hard to explain !

Wave 1 of your fingers around in the gap between your friend's fingers. You are practically just shaking your finger in between your friend's 2 fingers, and try to make sure u are touching the sides of their fingers with your finger when you wave it around.

Say "close"!
Close means close your fingers.
Open means open there fingers.

Say "Open".
Repeat this step 3 more times.

Step 4: Hold On!

Now, to draw their fingers together , you spin your hand in a circular motion next to their hand, as if you were winding something.

Their fingers should close!

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    5 years ago

    Creepy but works! Wow!