A Maker Space in Eau Claire, WI - Jack Daniels Independence Contest

The act of making something is unfortunately in decline. Our modern culture has moved away from the fix it culture, instead opting to throw out broken things instead of trying to fix them. We love to tinker. We love to design things, build things, share things, and learn things.  Making something with your own two hands comes with an incomparable confidence boost.

We want to build a space where people can access the tools they need to make it happen, whether that be a welder, or a laser cutter, or a sewing machine.  It could be something as simple as a large workbench to spread out on.

More than just tools, we want to have an encouraging and inclusive environment, making people of all skill levels feel comfortable and welcome. People who are just getting started will benefit from various educational opportunities like classes and workshops.

DOB: 07/01/1989



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