A "Minor" School Prank!


Introduction: A "Minor" School Prank!

Does Your School have A "Computer Lab" Which Is Used Daily? Well Keep Reading! This Only Takes A Bit Of Time.

Step 1: .

You Need A Small Sticky Note And A Mouse (Or If Your Doing This In A School Computer Lab, You Need ALOT Of Small Sticky Notes And They Already Supply The Mice? For You.

Step 2: Lol Done

Flip The Mouse Over And Put The Sticky Note On!
Simple Yet Effective :P



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    You can also use scotch tape not the purely clear stuff, but the foggy stuff. It wont make the cursor not move but it will make it seem glitchy.
    HAVE FUN!! 

    Put something on the sticky note like "LOL" for extra credit.

    Or tape it from the inside, so the ball is still there but it doesn't work and there is no evidence! It would also provide some good laughs is your school's tech support decided to replace the mice.

    This is best if you break in and do it to the school's 200 some computers... :P

    i do this as well as the full screen screen capture image. they think they figure it out when the fix the mouse, but then they cant click anything

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    Very True :P My School Has 2 Labs Literilly RIGHT Next To My Classroom And They Have The LED Mice? :D