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Introduction: A More Portable Jacket

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Have you ever been out and about and you brought a jacket you ended up not needing?

This is a simple trick I learned while in the military. It makes your jacket more portable by freeing up your hands. This is done by turning almost any jacket into a satchel. Some great things about it are that you can also put other things inside of it, using it as a satchel, or use it as a pillow for long hikes or camping excursions.

Step 1: Stuff Your Sleeve

Place one of your sleeves out flat and start shoving the rest of your jacket into it. If it starts getting to bunched up in the end your stuffing reach into the opposite end of the sleeve and pull some of the bulk down towards the wrist of the sleeve your stuffing.

You should end up with a sleeve that looks like there's another sleeve coming out of it, as seen in the second last photo above.

Step 2: Make a Satchel

If your jacket has buttons on its sleeves it's ideal. All you do is button one sleeve through the hole on the other and It's connected to make a satchel.

If your jacket has no buttons you just shove the end of the sleeve into the wrist end of the sleeve you stuffed.

Step 3: How to Properly Wear and Adjust

Believe it or not there is a proper way to wear this and it is adjustable.

When you wear the "jacket satchel" the wrist end of the sleeve that is stuffed should be at the bottom side below your armpit. If you put it up top on your shoulder it will keep separating.

To adjust it simply pull a bit of jacket that is stuffed into the sleeve out so your satchel strap is longer.

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    4 Discussions


    6 years ago

    What kind of shirt is that ?


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    DC flannel jacket from value village, the tiger shirt is an American apparel shirt also from value village


    6 years ago on Introduction

    the military teaches so many good tricks. I should pull out my old training books and make more instructables on the little things like this.


    6 years ago

    I learned this in the Air Force a loooong time ago. I teach it when I teach survival.