A Music Box by Laser Cut

Introduction: A Music Box by Laser Cut

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Today we would like to make you aware of laser cutting in plywood- ” A wonderful Music box”, Its history can be traced back to the medieval European Renaissance time. This melodious music box is idle for clock tower in a church. The clock that sounds melodious music may often remind old memories in your life. Today we are glad to inform that this unique historical music box can be engraved by using Thunder laser cutting machine.

Step 1: Required Items

3mm plywood

Machine:Thunder Laser Nova35 50watt RF tube

Step 2: Processing Mode:

Cutting speed:20mm/s Cutting power:70%

Engraving speed:500mm/s Engraving power:20%~50%

This setting is for reference only,you need to find the best setting parameters by testing.

Step 3: Put the Plywood on the Laser Cutter

Place the plywood on the work table of the machine, move the laser head to the proper position, adjust the focal length, press the “Origin” on the LCD control panel to set the starting position, and then press the “Start” to start the work.

Step 4: Assemble

When the machine is finished, take out the parts of music box and put them aside

Step 5:

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