A Musical Stash for Your Money





Introduction: A Musical Stash for Your Money

This little device hepls you know when people try to pilfer your money.

Step 1: Get a Musical Card.

Get a birthday card that plays music. Remove the electronic noisemaker from it.

Step 2: Attach

Attach it to the inside of an altoids tin so that it goes off when the lid is opened.

Step 3: Listen for Thieves.

Now, you have a nifty cash stasher.When opened, it will start playing music. It will help you keep those pesky kids outta your cash.



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    14 Discussions

    Based on the economy, we all need something economy-friendly to hold our money. But is the music really necessary?

    1 reply

    By the way, I will try this one soon. I finished off some cinnamons and have nothing to do on Saturday nights.

    Great little idea, I am going to do this one.

    this is brilliant, I think I have a few of these lying around because my grandma loves to get them for me and I know they are worth saving, but for what!?

    this was a totally awesome idea! i was on vacation a while ago and some kids stole 50 bucks out of my unattended wallet while i was in another room, if i had this theyd probably be like AHHH and drop in and run away!!! oh well! instead i put it in my duct tape wallet!

    I saw this in Popular Science...actually I think they did a better job of describing it. Nonetheless I think it's a nifty idea. I'll add it to my collection of other nifty ideas to try out sometime.

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    Hahah, as a kid I wanted something like this but I always wanted a big alarm and flashing lights to catch my brother in my room.

    I had that idea, but my voice box was one from a BMX kids toy and said things like HUGE AIR! AWESOME! GO BIG OR GO HOME! That would sure scare off crooks! Lol great idea.

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    ya, i saw this in popular science too