A Natural Edge Shop Clock




Introduction: A Natural Edge Shop Clock

I always forget the time when I am in the shop. I definitely need a shop clock. In this project I show how I made a clock from alder and walnut. Something special of this clock is the backwards grain pattern.

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Step 1: The Design

My plan was to use two slaps of alder I got when I made my chainsaw license/certification. To make it more interesting I wanted to inverse the growth rings by cutting the two pieces into triangles and glue them inside out.

Step 2: Removing the Chainsaw Marks

I had to remove the chainsaw marks and after some problems at the lathe I finally got rid of them with my plane.

Step 3: Layouting the Parts

I used my compass to draw a more or less complex pattern onto the slaps to create the most biggest pieces of inside out triangles. The pointed angle has to be 30° so that 12 of them create a circle. One piece for each hour.

Step 4: Cutting and Glueing the Parts

Unfortunately there was a lot of waste after cutting all pieces on the band saw but maybe I can use it in a future project.
For contrast I also resawed a piece of walnut and glued everything in an alternating pattern together. I chopped up the bark I cut off earlier and glued it to the clock.

Step 5: Finishing and Attaching the Mechanics

In the end I finished everything with boiled linseed oil and finally I attached the clock mechanics.

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    Really nice idea. I will certainly make it when I get band saw and a router.


    2 years ago

    Very nice, I think it would have looked cool if you simply sliced the slab into 12's and then glued it back up again with some contrasting wood as hour marks, and it would have been a lot easier to do too.

    2 replies

    Word for word exactly what I was thinking as I was watching the video. I would have a lot of tedious layout work and quite a bit of sanding.

    Yes, you are right. That would have been much easier, but intersionally I wanted to experiment with the "spiderweb-like" grain. And I was hoping that the alder and the walnut would differ more after finishing.

    Very nice project ! It looks great , but like you said , it is a little dark , Oh well .., Not a big problem . Maybe experiment with different woods for a better contrast of colors ? Just a suggestion here . You could have left your slab intact , and used your router to cut grooves in it about halfway through ( or however deep you want ) for your hour markers , finish sand the face of the slab , and cut the hour markers so that they would be slightly raised. when you glue them in . Just an Idea .

    Cheers , take care , and have a good day ! ...73

    Frumoasa idea de a inversa cercurile anuale,ai votul meu.

    Thats a really nice clock! Also the video tutorial is excellent!

    This is one beautiful home-made clock! Cool! I just voted for you!

    So cool! I voted for you....I just love wood projects! Nice Job!

    Really beautiful!

    Beautiful project. I love how it all turned out.

    Would look really cool if you had dark slices, and the thin pieces between slices were very lightly colored, and the clock hands lightly colored as well. Give it some nice contrast

    2 replies

    Yes, that was my initial thoughts too, but I did not know that the alder darkens so much with boiled linseed oil. On the video comments some viewers mention that I could paint the hands white.

    Sorry, unfortunately I have no more pictures, but you can watch the video. It covers the process pretty much.

    Haha I'm one of the "others"

    Wow, this turned out nice!

    I love that photo in step 4 . . . such impressively clean joints! Very well done.

    1 reply

    Thank you! It was a little tricky to align everything. If you like this project, please consider to vote for me in the time contest at https://www.instructables.com/contest/time/ . Thank you!