A New Geocache Log Container

Hello people,

I hope you like my first instructable it is about how to make a new type of geocach I will hide later in time, this is a smailer version of the bison tube.

ok so the first thing is what am I showing you what im making so here is an image of what im making today... (sorry about the quality of the image)

Step 1: First You Need...

Ok so what you need to make this is an address tube for dogs, cats, and other pets. (Not Fish)

You will also need a pen and paper.

Tools you also need are: sizers, tape, and a stanley-knife. (Be carful with the sizers and stanley-knife)

Step 2: Cut Some Paper at Size of Address Tube.

Now you will need to cut come paper to the size of the address tube...

Step 3: Make It Easy to Fold It Up So It Fits in the Tube With Ease.

Ok so people can sign there name on the paper (AKA "LOGBOOK") and still be able to put it back in the address tube.

Ok so to do that we need to take the pen and cut a peice of pen tube to the size of the paper Then you need to tape the paper to the tube. (I used a stanley knife to split the pen tube for the paper to fit in. You dont need to do that.)

Step 4: Tape the Paper to the Tube.

now you need to tape the paper to the tube.

Step 5: Role It Up.

Now its time to role it up so it can go in the address tube.

Step 6: Put It Together.

Now you can put the 3 parts together.

Step 7: Time to Put Your Cache in a New Home.

Now if you made this you can hide this in a: A Tree, Pipe, or even hidden in a post.

I hope you find many places for this to be please tell me your ideas on what you hid them in...

Step 8: Join My Group



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Where did you get so many pet address tubes. I don't even know were to find them in Wisconsin. Can you please help. I need some that are affordable seeing that I'm on SSDI.

    2 replies

    Humm, I'm not sure you can still get them but any pet shop around should have something similar enough to use.. Also I'm going to move all my instructables to another account, as I will not be maintaining these guides, but I may create updated versions and remove them from the old account.. ( I hate the idea of the payfor [pro] and I have all in one at the steps, so I want to keep it :)

    yet me know where you are going to move your stuff to so I can follow your great ideas. By the way my geo name is fdlseeker if you want to be friends on the geosites too. Thanks for the grea ideas.

    Nice job. Perfect for a mini 'cache. These are even small enough, you could put them in a larger 'cache as a trade item, that way people who have no idea how to make a 'cache can trade for one and set it somewhere else.

    6 replies

    I've traded plenty of stuff just like this. I find it's better to trade useful stuff, like a mini pad of paper, mini-pens, batteries, and tiny compasses. In my opinion, this falls directly into the useful category. Better than leaving behind some useless junk that you found in a dollar-store clearance bin.