A Norfolk Thistle

This is a photo I took on holiday in Norfolk, this particular photo was taken somewhere near one of the broads that we were visitting, I forget which one this was near because we've been to many of them I believe this was in a field near Wroxham Broad.

Although I liked the original photograph, I did some simple photo adjustments, increased the contrast slightly, adjusted the brightness and corrected the exposure a tiny bit. But i also drew around the thistle by hand using a magnetic selection tool, which although using a magnetic selector to save time, required many manual adjustments. I then inverted this selction and removed the colour and made it greyscale. I think this enhances the photograph greatly, making it very striking and still very beautiful (especially to say it is generally thought of as a weed)

I am entering this into the 'Colours of the Rainbow', and although it is not red, I couldn't decide whether to submit it to the red group or purple group, and I don't even understand what the Ultra-Violet group is for. Maybe I can submit it to the purple group as well. Is that alowed?

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