A One-handed Tray to Avoid Mess.

Introduction: A One-handed Tray to Avoid Mess.

For those who like seeing movies or TV on his room here it comes a one-handed try to avoid messy crumbs or drops into the room. It feets perfectly on the bedside table.

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Step 1: Take All the Stuff You Want to Get to Your Room.

  • A napkin
  • A cup
  • Groceries or whatever you want to take
  • A big or medium bowl

Step 2: Put the Napkin on the Bowl

Take your napkin and place it on the bowl covering all of it.

Step 3: Place the Cup.

Place the cup on the center of the bowl, you can place it on one side, though. But, the more centered, the more stable it will be this try.

Step 4: Take the Groceries.

Take all the groceries and put them surrounding the cup you have placed on the bowl previously. Again, you can do whatever you want that gets you through the way.

Step 5: Take Your Safe Try to Where You Need It.

Take the bowl with one hand and take it anywhere.

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    3 years ago

    As a handicapped person with little balance and who uses a cane I need one handed ideas! This is good except trying to carry liquid might not be as easy as planned. One thing I recently discovered was to use a hard plastic adult "sippy cup"--you know the kind you probably already have with a screw on lid and a big straw; the problem with that is that the liquid can get past the straw and scald you or spill. I found that for most of these cups a SOUR CREAM container lid fits perfectly and altho there can be some leakage on the sides it is easily fixed by wrapping a paper towel or tea towel around if needed; you can even carry fresh hot beverages in this from room to room and use a spoon or replace the lid with the straw lid if wanted.


    3 years ago

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!


    Reply 3 years ago