A Pair of Homemade Emergency Goggles!!!




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There are so many useless things out there... and at the same time there are many things with multiple uses... well I've managed to turn some pretty useless things into a pair of emergency goggles just in case you ever need a pair.... Check out this instructable... Watch the video for a better idea of how its done....

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Step 1: Materials!!!

You will need the following Items...

  • Two Joined Plastic Rings (Get them from the plastic holders found on cans of soda)
  • Two clear plastic shells ( they are found on any stick of deodorant)
  • Two Rubber Bands

additional items....


Step 2: Making Shape!

Cut the plastic holder in half so you have two rings...

Cut them to shape (goggles)

Step 3: Make Goggles!

Once shape is complete....

Apply hot glue on the edges, and stick the plastic shells on the center... for best resuls dont leave any open spaces in between.....

  • Cut rubber bands and attach them together to make a longer piece of elastic....

Puncture a hole on each of the corners... Tie each of the rubber bands on to the holes...

and You're DONE!!!!

Step 4: How They Work!

Now that your Goggles are complete, you can use them for landscaping, construction or swimming better yet, you can find another use for them...

They are very light and flexible so you can pretty much carry them where ever...

NOTE- clean the plastic shells, to avoid any chemical reactions to you eyes....

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(watch the instructional video for a better a understanding)



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    it is an okay way to reuse the problem is they arent safe at all... your video specifically said construction and landscaping... both of those jobs (depending on what your doing) require safety goggles/ Glasses and real safety glasses are impact resistant and give a rating on the tag when purchased, these are not impact resistant and could end up in someone being brutally injured, i hope you revise your ible.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    nice idea!!!! only problem is rubberbands hurt like crap when you take them off your head, especially if they are wet!!!!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Have you tested these against anything, would you be able to say that they are / are not suitable for specific purposes? L


    9 years ago on Introduction

    These plastic googles they are not perfectly transparent...