A Pallet Christmas Tree




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Insted of chopping a Christmas tree.... I made one myself

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Step 1: What You Need....

1. A lot of Pallet wood and a Pallet block

2. A broomstick

3. A Sander

4. Wood glue

5. Mittersaw or a handsaw or any saw you can cut wood with....

6. Forstner bit. I used a 25 mm.

Step 2: Lets Get Started....

Sand all the wood

Measure all the boards in to the right lengths. You can find this on the pdf file.

Cut the boards in into the lenghts.

Find the centre of the boards.

Drill the holes with the forstner bit.

Step 3: Nearly Done

Make the stand for the broomstick.

I used an old Pallet block, and drill a hole in it.

Put the boards on the pole.....

3 at a time and 3 blocks as a spacer.

And your Christmas tree is ready...

For more details for this project.... watch the video

Hope you injoy this project.

You wanna see how I made the snowball led lights.

Watch the instuctions and video:


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    3 Discussions


    9 months ago on Step 3

    I like it. I think I'll make one for the yard for next year. Would you share what lengths you used for the boards please?


    3 years ago

    this is probably the best Christmas tree I've seen this year. good job man! thanks for sharing

    1 reply