A Pallet Fence With Flower Boxes and Bee Hotels




Introduction: A Pallet Fence With Flower Boxes and Bee Hotels

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I had an old fench and needed a new look....

I used only Pallets and old beams to give it his new look.

Hope it gives you insperation and make something new with recleamed wood

Step 1: Get Ready....

You need the board from the pallets...

As many you can get and need for you fence and planty of screws.

Cut the boards into the right lenght. And screw them in the old fence.

Step 2: Make It Look Nice...

I made some bee hotels from old beams and smal cut offs.

Drill some holes in the beams with different sizes and put the cut offs on top to make the roof.

Step 3: The Final Touch

I made some planter boxes from pallet boards and bought some French Geraniums.

Put the Bee Hotels on to the Fence and you have a total new and nice looking Fench

made from reclamed wood and materials.



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    8 Discussions

    How did you keep it from leaning to one side or the other? Please forgive all the questions.....

    1 reply

    the posts are in the ground like normal fences.... So that's why it is not leaning to a side.

    Very beautiful fence! I really love your style, but is there any way you can add the dimensions of the wood, please? Any photos of the process? This is just the privacy I need; I'd love to try to make this as I have a resource for pallets. :>)

    1 reply

    Hi, Well the demantions is depanding what you want. Or are allowed to build. Here we only can make a fence 1.85 cm high.... So I used top and a botttem boards to cover the old fence. Also because Pallets are not that long.

    Nice work Mate Loved it and I voted for you to :) Twice......Take care and good luck..

    2 replies

    Fantastic pallet project. It really dresses up your fence! Keep the projects coming