A Piece of Rainbow




This "piece of rainbow" is a decoration that can be placed on your desk, furniture, light table, etc. It will give a colorful and fun touch to the room, you can do it in the colors you want, it's very easy to make and ideal for gifts!

Step 1: Ingredients and Tools.

you will need:



-painting colors for the rainbow: red, orange, yellow green, blue, violet and indigo (optional)

-glitter (optional)

-glass lidded jar

-7 glasses

-7 spoons or sticks to stir

-1 stick to insert the cotton

Step 2: Put the Colors.

Place in different glasses, the colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and indigo.

Step 3: Add the Water.

Add 1/3 approx. of water to the glasses and mix.

Step 4: ​Separate the Cotton.

Separates the cotton in 7 parts not necessarily the same size.

Step 5: Add a Piece of Cotton

Put a piece of cotton in the jar, add the red water and with the help of a stick, soak up the cotton. If you want you can lay glitter of different colours. Repeat it with the rest of the rainbow colours.

Step 6: Paint the Lid.

Finally, paint the lid the color you want, I did it with silver, don't worry if the colors mix a little, it will make it look more natural.



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    7 months ago

    Nice, this kind of reminds me of Fat Lava ceramics (which I love, by the way) :)