A Pirate Ship Play Ground Space

This is the biggest, most expensive project i orcasted so far.
It is the graduation project of a group of kids i worked and lived with for the last 4 years.

We took a poor used space under the stairs and turned it into the inside of a pirate ship for the kids to play in at their school.

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Step 1: Mesuring and Dreaming

First we mesured the space and loaded it into sketchup while being at the location and dreaming the pirate ship

Step 2: Rough Sketch

Then we compiled a rough sketch and had some brain storming

Step 3: From the Ground Up

Still in sketchup we started building as if we were building for real.
looking for the problems might we face for real.

We started laying wood for connections

Step 4: Bare Bridge

Then building the bare bridge

Step 5: Cover to Cover

Then the proces of covering everything with wood

Step 6: Step by Step

Building the steps to the bridge and the rail

Step 7: Props

The last step of sketchup was to add the props but most important was the list of problems the we might face and hard things to do.

Then we made a list of materials and orderd the wood precut and scrues and bolts.

Step 8: Changes

In the reality, out of the sketches we noticed the walls are not straight, in some cases there was a different of up to 4cm on different parts of the same wall.
We made som changes, first on sketch and then, and some time on the fly.
Here is the final sketches

Step 9: Foundations...

As in the planing we first put the foundations.
On the walls we anchored it with screws and on the floor with Silicone Glue.

Step 10: Cover and Bridge

Unlike the sketches we put 6 (instead of 5) legs for the bridge and added connections between the legs for stability (unfortunately i dont have any photos of it).

The we started covering the whole thing.

Step 11: Weal and Anchor

We bought a ready made weal and anchor.
At first we wanted the weal to be turnable but it turned out to be a danger hazard so we fixed it

We anchored the anchor and added the steps

Step 12: Painting, Drawing and Ribbon Cutting...

We coated the whole thing with light wood coat, added drawings on the walls and added the canon we made ourself.

We invited the school and cut the ribbon then invited everybody to play...

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    3 years ago

    What a very cool space! I can only guess it's a huge hit.


    3 years ago

    now that's a nice project! good job!


    3 years ago

    Very nice transformation. My kids would love to play in this cool little space. Good stuff! :)

    1 reply