A Pissheads Guid to Every Last Drop

Introduction: A Pissheads Guid to Every Last Drop

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Step 1: Things You Need

1 box of wine

1 pair of scissors

1 pisshead

When you think you have ran out of wine from your wine box think again, quick and easy guide to get every last drop

Step 2:

When the wine no longer filters from the tap tear open the top of the box and remove the bag from the inside

Step 3:

Twist and squeeze the bag like you would do to a towel to ring it dry, when all of the wine has gathered by the tap open it and store the wine in cups

Step 4:

Now to really get the last out of the bag take a pair of scissors and snip the corner

Step 5:

Now if you really don't want any wine to go to waste just simply ...

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