A Pixlr Halloween

Introduction: A Pixlr Halloween

Show your halloween spirit by editing your photos using Pixlr Express! Here are a couple easy ways to spice up your pictures!

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Step 1: Match the Autodesk & Techshop Halloween Party Invitation

The invitation for the Autodesk & Techshop Halloween Party is pretty cool right?! You can easily match the style of the invite using pixlr express. 

Here are the steps:
  • Open up you image of choice. You can browse for images on your computer, open an internet link, and even take a picture from your webcam.
  • Click Effect --> Unicolor --> Amy. This will give you a more orange color. 
  • Click Border --> Grunge --> Skull. This is the border used.
  • Add in your spiderweb stickers by clicking Stickers --> Halloween and choosing the spiderwebs. Place them at the top right and bottom left corners. Make them black and 50% opaque. 
  • Save!

Step 2: Some Other Options

Even though the invite is great, they are some other borders and stickers that would work really well!

Superhero Image:
  • For border, you can use Intertwined from the grunge category.
  • You can use the stickers from the Spook category.
  • For text, use Handwritten --> Rock Salt.
Pumpkin Patch:
  • Use White Ripped --> Elva for the border
  • Stickers are from the Halloween Category
  • Text is Handwritten --> Trash Hand

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