A Pleasing Companion

Introduction: A Pleasing Companion

A pleasing companion is two t-shirts with Intel Edison board on each which demos two interactively massage devices. We use motor, led and buzzer for demo the effect when another t-shirt press button or touch sensor.

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Step 1: Make T-shirts and Demo the Application

One team makes two t-shirts which will use motor, led, buzzer, button and touch sensor on each. Another team will make the application runs on the Intel Edison board. I am in the application team.

Step 2: Detail of the Communication

We use WIFI module on the Intel Edison board for the interactive between two t-shirts. The IDE is Arduino IDE.

After you installed the Intel Edison board package on the Arduino IDE, you can import the http server project and the http client project. We use the http server project for the item 1 t-shirt and use the http client project for the item 2 t-shirt. The http server and http client can read and write data each other.

We also add the following sensor to demos the effect, the input sensor is button and touch, the output sensor is motor, led and buzzer. The input sensor is for input active and this will reflect the output sensor on another t-shirt for the interactive. Both t-shirt can have input and output sensor.

We make a protocol for input and output sensor for communication, for example: the client received 0x01 means the server have send input button, and the client will light the led on the t-shirt.

Step 3: The Presentation

The Intel Edison board will put on each t-shirt and use the battery for the power supply.

The presentation is:

The boy has client Intel Edison board t-shirt and the girl has server Intel Edison board t-shirt. The boy press the button on his t-shirt and the led which on the girl’s t-shirt will light. The girl press touch on her t-shirt and the buzzer will beep which on the boy’s t-shirt.

Happy ending!

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Interesting concept. Wast this for some kind of school project or conference?


    Reply 3 years ago

    Yes, we join the Intel IoT Roadshow in Beijing.