A-Political Planter Box

Introduction: A-Political Planter Box

A raised bed for flowers and vegetables crafted from corrugated plastic campaign signs and tape.

Considerations along the way:
Which signs face the outside of the box? Who is being represented? Which messages are being convoluted or affirmed and in what ways?
Where does this go?
Who will water the veggies?
Who will eat them?

Step 1: Materials

Box cutter or utility knife
Duck tape

Corrugated Plastic

Step 2: Build "2x4's"

Step 3: Build and Fold Sides

Step 4: Make the Cuts

Step 5: Assemble

Step 6: Place the Planter Box

Step 7: Plant Vegetables

The ideal plants are low maintenance vegetables. Obviously, things will be different depending on where you are and when you are planting.

Seed Calendar - helps to guide you in when to plant certain edible crops
Backyard Vegetable Gardening - a nice guide for thinking about the process and space

Step 8: Research

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