A Pollutant Into a Cleaner ( Vaccum Cleaner From Plastic Bottle)




Iam Afrad Ahsan,

I'm writing an instructable on vaccum cleaner first of all I'll take you to the materials required ( shown in figure)


• plastic bottle

• body of a highlighter (round shaped)

• A 9V battery

• An insulation tape

• A DC motor used in DVD drive

• A glue

•a round shaped steel piece used as fan

Yours sincerely

Afrad Ahsan

Step 1: Procedure

Procedure :

First of all cut the bottle into 2 pieces. Add holes to the bottle in the bottom for air exit . Fix the fan on the motor as shown in the figure with the help of a glue. Fix it on the bottle .

Now take the round shaped highlighter And cut it on both the sides . Cut one side as it can take in the dust

Now fix it on the upper part of the bottle. On the bottom of the upper part fix a cloth (not a thick one so as it will not block the passage of air. ) Now connect the two parts before connecting stick a small piece of plastic so that the two parts will not separate off. Now take the wire of the motor out of the hole as shown in the figure.Connect it to the 9V battery . Hope it works

Step 2: Finished

Now for a good look let's add some color to it.

Yours sincerely

Afrad Ahsan



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    11 months ago

    So cool! I want to make one now.


    11 months ago

    Nicely made! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!