A Privacy Fence Room Divider: Covering Up an Outdoor Eye Sore




Introduction: A Privacy Fence Room Divider: Covering Up an Outdoor Eye Sore

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Hey guys, well you’ve already heard me rant and rave about the terrible place our electrician put our electric panel: Right by our front door! To see what I did about that ugliness on the inside of the house check this out: Covering up an incredible eye sore in our entry way. After seeing that post many of you asked what we did on the outside of our house because it was all just as ugly on the outside as it was on the inside! I had been at the drawing board about this problem all last winter before I finally had a light bulb moment! We had one extra fence panel leftover from when we put up our privacy fence so I thought I could make something like a room divider out of it… I got to work.

With my reciprocating saw I cut the privacy fence panel into three separate pieces. There were three supporting boards across the back of the entire panel, so each needed to be cut. Each cut section ended up with four fence “slats” on it. That left me with two “slats” leftover which turned out to be a very good thing. As room dividers go I knew I needed to put three hinges on one side and three hinges on the other so it would “fold” in opposite directions so it would stand on its own. (I purchased just basic outdoor hinges on sale at Ace hardware for this job and used small outdoor screws.) I was not worried about the one broken off slat as I knew we would be burying this “room divider” well into the ground so it wouldn’t blow over so the broken slat would never show.

Step 1: Paint and a Gap to Deal With...

I grabbed some leftover flat white paint I had and just did a fast dry brush over the entire things. I kept telling myself to make sure it wasn’t “perfect” in any way. I really wanted it to look like it had been here for fifty years like everything else. Then, after a lot of adjustments and not a few four letter words, we got it in place! So… yeah, I didn’t really see that gap coming… No problem! Remember I had two extra fence slats leftover? I simply painted one of them up and tacked it on there, problem solved! No more gap in my outdoor room divider cover up thingy!

Step 2: Finished Product

Because this IS electrical that I’m hiding I figured it would be against code to attach this or make it permanent in any way so we just drove it into the ground so it can be pulled out easily at any time. This has been up since this spring and it still hasn’t moved at all and we’ve had some SERIOUSLY bad and windy weather this summer. All in – I am happy with how this turned out and it seems like it could really work well in a lot of situations.



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    9 Discussions

    Looks good but how would the electric company know that the meter is behind?

    1 reply

    Hi there, it actually isn't a meter. The meter is on a pole in my yard, this is just the conduit where the electric lines come into my home.

    Nice idea but it looks odd I would have put another one on the other side of the window

    This looks amazing! I love the simplistic design, and it's still super easy for anyone from the power company to look at your meter if they need to.

    Excellent project!

    1 reply

    I like the rustic paint job... It matches the rest of the house..

    1 reply