A Self-study Robotic Arm

  • Introducation

  • This is a robotic arm which is controled by the DIY manipulator,this control way can be easier than using joypad ,because you can learn quickly to control the robotic arm with my DIY manipulator.

  • Innovation

  • The DIY Manipulator which can free your brain.it's more convenient to control the robotic arm.This control way is easier than using computer or joypad.

  • The self-study function can make the robotic arm to automate some process or task.This control way is quicker to operate than using code.

  • Application

  • Instead of people to Do the Repetitive work.

  • Instead of people to Do the work in the Dangrous & Insalubrious working conditions

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Step 1: Preparation


  • 1* Arduino Mega 2560
  • 1* Arduino MEGA Sensor Shield V1.0

  • 1* SD card reader module

  • 1* SD card(1G)

  • 1* 7.4V power(buy Charger together )

  • 1* Robotic arm (buy it or u can make it yourself,)

  • 4* Rocker switches

  • 6* Potentiometers

  • 6* Servos
  • others:Aluminium plate,Acrylic plate,screw,nut,etc.

Be sorry that no material-photo share here.


  • A DIY Manipulator
  • A Control Cabinet
  • A Robotic Arm

Step 2: Principle

Ohoo~Ugly words.u can download the PDF file.it's clear.

It's easy to use potentionmeters to control servos when you call the <Servo.h>.

I put a lot of time into writing the code of writing and reading SD card's Data.

Step 3: Operation

As the first GIF shows,i use the manipulator to control the robotic arm and let the robotic arm to study the process.
As the second GIF shows,it automates the process without using human hands or brain.

This is an example,the robotic arm will study more processes and automate the processes.


  • Open the power.
  • Then wait during hardware initialization.


  • Turn on the key-switch,then use the manipulator to control the robotic arm.
  • If u want the robotic arm to study the process,u should turn on the writing-switch.
  • If u want the robotic arm to stop studying the process,u should turn off the writing-switch.

Repetitive operation

  • Be sure that the key-switch and the writing-switch are turned off,otherwise you will get an error.
  • Turn on the reading-button,then the robotic arm will work over and over again.
  • If u want the robotic arm to stop working ,u should turn off the reading-switch.

Saving records

  • Remove the SD memory card,then Insert the laptop
  • Move the text file from the SD memory card to the laptop
  • If you want to use the text file again,just move the text file from the laptop to the SD memory card.

Step 4: Summary

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