A Shampoo Bottle Bird Feeder

Introduction: A Shampoo Bottle Bird Feeder

We all use shampoo and when the bottle is empty we throw it away. I love to watch birds and what better way to watch birds than to make them a bird feeder. I made this instructable to show you how to use everyday products to feed you hobbies.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

These are the supplies you will need:

An empty shampoo bottle (with the lid)

A dry erase marker

Bright duct tape

A piece of 18 inch string

A piece of 20 inch string


A pen

A bag of bird seed

Step 2: Wash the Bottle

This step is very important. you want to wash out the bottle because the shampoo could be harmful to the birds if they ate it. There will be another washing step so you do not have to scrub it out, just rinse it out to the point that it dose not suds up any more.

Step 3: Mark Where You Will Cut

Next you mark where you plan on cutting. You have a small lip where the birds can stand on the side where you are cutting.

Step 4: Cut It Out

Now just cut on the line that you drew. it can be a rough cut because you will be covering it with duct tape soon.

Step 5: Wash It Again

wash it out again. this time use a wash cloth and wipe the inside out.

Step 6: Tape the Sides

Use the bright colored duct tape to cover the edges you cut earlier. you want to do this because if you don't there is a chance that the edge could cut the birds feet.

Step 7: Poke Some Holes

Now take the pen and poke some holes in the back of the bottle. you do this so when rain gets in it there is a place for the water to come out.

Step 8: Test the Holes

sorry that the picture is bad but it was the best I could get. just fill the bottle up with water and if water starts to drip out then it is good.

Step 9: Make a Hole

in the bottom of the bottle make a hole big enough to but a piece of string through.

Step 10: Put the String in the Holes

Put the 20 inch string through the lid of the bottle and tie 2 overhand knots to keep the string from moving. The overhand knot is the first part of tieing your shoe. do the same thing to the 18 inch string at the other end. Next do tie the two together using the same knot as before.

NOTE: this will only work if you do 2 I repeat 2 knots at each end.

Step 11: Fill It With Seed

now fill it with seed and hang it in a tree for all the birds to enjoy.

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