A Signal Lamp Making for Arduino

Introduction: A Signal Lamp Making for Arduino

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This tutorial means to explain how the signal lamp shines in diferrent color which also hints disparate infromation. It's not complicated but interesting. All the materials you can easily get from www.ICStation.com.


1.Arduino Air board x 1

2.RGB 3 Color Full Color LED Module x 1

3.Wires x 5

4.AC-DC 220V to 5V Isolated Power Buck Converter x 1

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Step 1: Connections

Connect the Arduino Air Board and the LED Module. It can make up colorful light with 3 different diodes in red, green and blue because of their various intensity light. The nomal circuit diagram of LED driving is shown as picture 1.

The diode D1 will be lighted on when the hight control CTRLPWM feed the audion Q1 through. So you can just adjust the duty ratio of the CTRLPWM to control D1's luninance. And only 5 wires needed here: 3 for PWM control, 1 for power supply, and the other for earth wire. Shown as picture 2.

Step 2: Power Supply and Adjust

To supply power for the Arduino Air Board with microUSB from Pc or charger. Then enter into the developer page and choose the corresponding device to start a debugger interface.

The LED will flash in red and be brighter when you adjust the PWM value of IO(DO3) higher, or darken to extinguish when you regulate it oppsitely. And it is the same theory for DO5(green) and DO6(blue).

Step 3: Final Step

Connect the Power Buck Converter with the Arduino Air Board, and then put them into a hyaline space with the Lamp and you will finally get the smart colorful lamp finished. Come to have a try.

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