A Simple Cheap Way to Make a Sword for Cosplay




Introduction: A Simple Cheap Way to Make a Sword for Cosplay

This is a sword that doesn't open, it is supposed to be an easy way to make a sword and I do not know how to make an actual sword that comes out of it's sheath

Be free to change any materials you see fit, since this style might not be for all.

I ended up making Trafalgar Law's sword from One Piece anime, the first time was for a cosplay I did at an anime convention.

I hope you like the sword you make and hope my instructions are clear enough.

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Step 1: Tools

  1. 2 Pieces of Wood same size: Any wood that looks
    like this. One side goes down at a soft angle. Any size will do. This sword was a 4Ft (so 2 pieces at 4ft each) and I have made one up to 7ft with wider boards.

    I have found it in the wood department of Home Depot. At $0.89 a foot.

  2. White cloth tape: I used Athletics' Tape from Jax

  3. White Duct Tape: I got it for 3 bucks at Home Depot

  4. Black Duct Tape: I ended up using Gorilla Tape instead, 4 bucks at Home Depot

  5. Red Nonstick Tape (Optional): I used it on my sword since the anime sword I was going for called for it (I made Law's sword from One Piece) (got this one from a local hardware store for 2 bucks, but have used thin cloth from Hobby Lobby in the past)

  6. Glue: I used Gorilla Glue (Home Depot), it works the best in my opinion

  7. Water Bottle: Depends on the glue you use: Gorilla Glue calls for it in the directions

  8. Clamps

  9. Paper: Folded a few times

  10. Bubble Wrap

  11. Scissors

  12. Yellow marker

Step 2: Prepare Boards for Glue

  1. On flat sides of the board spritz with water: if glue directions call for it. Gorilla glue does.

Step 3: Glue Boards and Clamp

    1: Glue on one side of board

    2: Use Paper: To smooth out paper without using hands (helps not make a mess)

    3: Place boards like seen in picture: flat sides against each other, narrow ends opposite of each other: makes it look even

    4: Clamp ( takes 2 hours to completely dry)

Step 4: Duct Tape It! XD

Black Duct Tape:

I used a diagonal method, without really cutting tape (Which scissors are useful if need be… I can’t rip duck tape). You can use which ever method you’re comfortable with.

Step 5: White Tape the Top

1: White Duct Tape the top
This makes it look rounder like the metal piece on the hilt.

2: With one layer, put white cloth tape over white duct tape: (It'll make sense later)

Step 6: Glue, Bubble Wrap, Clamp

1: use glue and water bottle (if needed)

2: Glue bubble wrap (which I had to cut to size) around desired place for hilt. Some people like longer hilts, some don’t. It’s up to you.

3: Clamp once again for 2 hours.

4: White Duct Tape over bubble wrap

the sword I was making is something from an anime so you can choose different colors

Step 7: Decorate! XD

Decorate hilt and sheath with White Cloth Tape:

The hilt will have diamond shaped pattern

My sword has the cross on the sheath (optional: it’s the design of the sword from an anime)

Wrap red nonstick tape around: (optional)

Once again, this is the sword’s design I was going for, if you don’t want to it’s fine

If you do:

I made it diagonal under the sword and wrapped both sides around the sword to the center and tied them when they were close.

Not Shown:

Color the top of the sword (the white part with yellow)
This is why I say to place the cloth tape on top of the white duct tape. The duct tape makes it poofier without wasting expensive cloth tape, and the cloth tape is the one that can take ink.

The yellow is to make it look like the metal part of the sheath.


This is the end of the sword, It is a little time consuming, but I hope you like it.

Sorry the sword doesn't open, it is a simple easy cheap way to make a sword XD

Cosplay my fellow sword makers!! :D

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    3 years ago

    Cute idea for a quick prop! :)