A Simple CoreXY




"CoreXY provides a fundamental building block of many computerized fabrication tools - cartesian motion - in a simple and adaptable format."

It is fast, simple and flexible. You can see more details here.

Recently, I have made my own one refer to the design from this website. Thanks for the great work of the designer of the platform.

It is just a structure now. And I will add the Timing pulley, Timing Belt and the electronic modules to drive it soon.

Now let's see how the structure is built.

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Step 1: Materials

Here are all the materials that I used.

Step 2: Cut the Frame

Cut the frame by a piece of Bakelite. 

Step 3: Add 2 Linear Guideways to Build Y-Axis

Install 2 Linear Guideways on the frame to Build Y-Axis

Step 4: Add a Linear Guideway to Build X-Axis

Install a Linear Guideway on the bracket to Build X-Axis

Step 5: Add X-Axis on the Frame

Add X-Axis on the frame.

Step 6: Add Stepper Motors

Install stepper motors on the frame.

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    6 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    First I would say thanks you for your idea and appreciate if you update till finish. I would like to use your design for my first DIY 3D printer. Many thanks.


    5 years ago

    What steppers did you use ? I want to choose between NEMA 16,17,23 but limited by a budget.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Can you please add more detail on the hardware. Where did you get the Linear Guideways?