Arduino Dynamic Sign

About: I'm engineer and like to design electronic and programming things with Arduino hardware.

This project was developed with an Arduino nano & a 5x7 segment display without using resistors, but a heat shink was placed on the microcontroller.for dissipating its heat.

Step 1: List of Materials

1 Arduino Nano

1 Common anode, 5X7 Segment Display

1 8.8x8.8x5mm Adhesive Aluminum Heatsink

1 USB-A to USB-mini cable

Step 2: Installing the Arduino Nano

Insert the 5x7 segment display on the Arduino nano without pins by matching display pin1& pin8 with Arduino A5 & D10 respectively.

Step 3: Installing the 8.8x8.8x5mm Adhesive Aluminum Heatsink

Once 5X7 segment display and Arduino nano both soldered together, install the 8.8x8.8x5mm Adhesive Aluminum Heatsink on the microcontroller of your Arduino.

Step 4: Uploading the Code

Once completed your project, visit:

Then, upload the code at:



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