A Simple & Easy Window Vertical Farm - Part 1 SETUP

Introduction: A Simple & Easy Window Vertical Farm - Part 1 SETUP

About: Enjoy the therapeutic time with plant/gardening, without the need of any reason/s..lol

Gardening in urban apartment is challenging due to the availability of sunlight as well as in limited space. With this in mind, I've created a super simple and easy way, that anyone can do at home living in apartment. Especially having a herbs 'farm' in the kitchen or bedroom!

Beside going green by recycling drinking cup as pot, utilizing our window griils as a structure to hang pots of plant capturing as much direct sunlight or just bright light as possible. It even save up floor space..

I strongly recommending every household should have a set like this provided their window grills is not filmsy & are not well secured.

Having a small green corner at living space because

1) it is simple that anyone can do it;

2) material is easily available;

3) recycling effort using recycled cups, wire, etc;

4) small setup that saves space;

5) economical and manageable;

6) less messy instead of pots laying around on the floor;

7) reduce chances of certain pests infestation, like roaches, etc.;

8) efficient use of existing window grille, is there is there;

9) secure & safe;

10) a cool & smart decor-window with Vertical Window Farrming;

11) a small green-up living space;

12) ORGANIC fresh herbs avialable anytime of need for ganishing & cooking, not from refrigerator;

13) catches most sunlight or bright light available compare to any indoor location;

14) as a testing kit for beginner;

15) impress your spouse & visitors with it that you have green finger LOL

16) no worry of Frosted Winter! and many more....

Here's the instructable / tutorial video and trust it helps in one way or another.

Again, DO NOT attempt this if your window grill is filmsy and not well secured!

Hope you've enjoyed my video.


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