A Simple Electronic Game




You are learning how to make a small very funny electronic game. You can play with your friends and test your reflex.


Step 1: Download the Gerber File.

You can download the gerber file on this site :

Step 2: Producing Your Pcb.

The size of the PCB are: length 42mm and width 14mm.

You can make your pcb on PCBWAY. I ordered pcb on this site and I found it very reliable.

Step 3: Assemble the PCB.

Here is the components you will need:

- 2 resistors (1k ohm)

- 3 resistors (cms)(1k ohm)

- 1 red led (cms) - 2 green leds (cms)

- 2 push button

- 4 capacitors (cms)(not necessary)

- 1 attiny 44/84 SOIC-14

After finding all the components you can weld them on the pcb. To program the microcontroller you can visit the site High-Low Tech. You can use the Arduino program for ATtiny 44/84.

Step 4: How Does It Work?

1) Connect the PCB has a supply of 5v.

2)Each player places a finger on the push button ( don't press the button).

3) Wait a few seconds and the red led lights.

4) The first player who presses his button win, and a green LED lights.

5) Wait a few seconds and the game will start again.



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    2 years ago

    Hey! Really nice board!

    What value do the capacitors have?