A Simple Garden Planter

I made these with the idea of growing carrots i wanted something i could make quick and dismantle and put away for the winter.

I've grown carrots and potatoes with good success when harvesting the potatoes i just lifted the frames of and picked the potatoes from the soil..

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Step 1: Cut Side Pieces

decide how wide you want the planter and cut the side piece so it fits inside the 2 lenghts and then cut a thinner piece to match the outside width.Then screw or nail the two pieces together to look like the second picture. Make 2 of these and attach to the long lengths as in picture 3.

Repeat and add to the first layer and so on till you get the hight you want see picture 4

Step 2: Finish of With a Top Edge

Finish of with a top edge and line out with plastic sheet fill and start growing

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