A Simple Parking System Prototype Using Ebot

Introduction: A Simple Parking System Prototype Using Ebot

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I made a simple parking system prototype using Ebot. In this system, there is Ultrasonic sensor to detect the vehicle/object. The LCD module will show the number of Vehicles detected. Once the number reached the maximum,It will display the message"FULL". I made the count to 5 as the maximum.

Step 1: Materials Needed

1-Ebot Controller

2-Ebot Servo motor for gate mechanism.

3-Ebot Ultrasonic module for detection.

4-Buzzer for creating tone while opening and closing of the gate.

5. RGB LED for glowing in different colors.

6-EBot application installed PC.

7- Ebot programming USB cable.

8-jumper wires for connecting input modules and output modules to Ebot.

I used cardboard box to attach the sensors and marked the Eboard sensors on it.

Step 2: Connection and Programming

I connected the inputs and outputs to the controller board using the jumper wires. The input ultrasonic connected to the input section of the board.The outputs such as the buzzer, servo motor, RGB, and LCB are connected on the output side.Input side contains A0 to A7 pins and Output section contains 0 to 7 pins.

S, V and G pins of each module are connected to the Controller pins which are colored like :

White for S(signal)

Red for V(5 V)

Black for G (Ground)

Then I opened the Ebot Blockly application on the PC and programmed using the blocks.

The corresponding code is generated in the code page.

I used debug option on the left pan to check the values of the ultrasonic sensor. So that I can provide the limits or the range in which Ultrasonic can detect the object.

The programming by using the blocks makes easier to make the things.

Step 3: Video

I adjusted the values and blocks to get my final result.

Finally, i made it

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