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Recently , i bought one of those cheapy helping hands , and i started to note that the "hands " were wearing off , So i tried to found a clever ( and Cheap Of course ) Solution to this small problem
The Problem Is This : The Set Screw Was Crushing The Old Aligator Clips

And Guess what , ??


And i decided to Publish This

Step 1: Materials + Tools Needed

For The Proper Execution Of This Instructable You Will Need :

1 A Regular Skewer ( Bamboo Recommended)
2 Banana Plug Alligator Clips ( such as This Ones You Just Need 2 )
1 Piece of Heat Shrink Tubing ( at Least 1 inch long And 1/4 inch wide)

= Needle Nose Pliers
= Kitchen ( or similar ) Scissors or snips
= Ruler (Milimetric preferred (BTW 1 inch = 2.54 cm))
=A lighter
+ A Pen ( Not Shown)
Critical Working Gray Matter

And Of Course Your Old Helping Hands ( I forgot to Take A Pic ;) )

Step 2: Prepping the Alligator Clips

This is simple , just remove any insulation in the alligator clips

Dispose them properly .... if desired .

Step 3: Measure Once, Cut Twice

First Measure the part of the clip, that was protected by the insulation (Approximately 11 mm )

Write It (or memorize it ) down

Then cut two pieces of 11 mm of the Quarter inch HST

Step 4: Errrrr , Cut Four Times

Also Cut Two 11 mm Pieces of Skewer

TIP: Trace with ruler And Pen, Then Score them with the scissors and snap'Em with needle nose pliers)

Step 5: Improve the Alligator Clips

This Step Is Critical , Since the skewer will be the support of the alligator clip (thus , the set screw in the helping hands will not crush it )

Insert Each small piece in each Aligator clip

Then , Using Needle Nose Pliers , Apply a little pressure so the piece of skewer won't fall

Step 6: Collocate Heat Shrink Tubing

Just Slide the Tube in

Step 7: Heat Shrinking the Heat Shrink Tubng Using a Non-Heat Shrink Gun As Heat Source

I Made A Small video

You Don't Need to tell me , i know i took it too serious ...

Please Aovid To burn It ;)

Step 8: Re-assembling the Helping Hands

This Step is Easy Just Put All together Again
Follow The Pictures if necesary ,
Then Screw Again The Set-screws ,
Using A Little of Brute Force ,
But Taking Care Of Not Breaking It
Oh By the way , You're Done already

Step 9: Thanks for Watching

I Hope this instructable is helpful to you , I hope You enjoyed it

Feel Free to upload You comments , advices , Picture Or whatever you want ,

See ya!!



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    A 12d box nail is 0.136 inches in diameter and fits up inside mine perfectly. I found this out about 20 years ago. I put the nail in, then trim the excess. Measuring is to be avoided whenever possible.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    hahaha ! that song was literally MADE for instructional videos !!!!