A Simple Way to Make a Motor Masco G 33

Introduction: A Simple Way to Make a Motor Masco G 33

Title: A Simple Way to Make a Motor Masco G 33

In this activity, you will be creating Mechanical Energy which is energy by the motion and position of certain objects. Having the two paper clips on the plus and minus on the battery, conducts the electricity from the battery to the magnetic wire. Having the paint shaved off on the edges cause it to be able to absorb the electrons from the battery. The placement of the magnet with north side pointing up on the battery pushes the wire causing it to spin.

Material and Tools...

Two large paper clips

An arm length of magnetic wire 26 gauge

A D Battery

A magnet

A rubber band

Sand Paper

Wire Cutter

Step 1: ​Procedure: Step One

Take the wire and wrap around the D battery, until both ends are equal and about 2 inches long.

Step 2: ​Step Two..

Carefully remove the wire, keeping the circle. Wrap the ends around the edge of the circle, evenly across the circle.

Step 3: ​Step Three

Scratch all of the red insulation off of the edge on one side, and only half of it off on the other side.

Step 4: ​Step Four

Step Four… Bend the two paper clips, bending one side directly vertical, then take the longer end and round it up-words

Step 5: ​Step Five

Wrap a rubber band around the D battery twice, the long way or vertically.

Step 6: ​Step Six

Take the paper clips, place the curved side up and place one at each end of the D battery.

Step 7: ​Step Seven

Place the formed wire in the middle of each clip, with the ends sitting on the curved parts of the paperclips

Step 8: ​Step Eight

Place a magnet on top of the battery. *should spin on its own*

Step 9: ​Troubleshoot... If Not Spinning

1. Don't assume the material is broken if it doesn't work, but check if you followed the steps right.

2. Make sure you do a good job scratching off the paint.

3. Make sure your wire circle is centered.

Step 10: ​Improvements

1. Add more magnets and see what happens.

2. Use a different battery and see what happens.

3. Give wired circle a little push to get it started.

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