A Simply Chicy Dress - NO SEW

Introduction: A Simply Chicy Dress - NO SEW

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Whoa... It's Sum-meur tie...em!
So many things that we can do in this summer. So many ideas. So many colors that we can see. So many colors that we can play with. Now, I'll tell you how to make a simply dress from your old t-shirt and cloth without sewing it (I know that sewing is the kind of the hard thing. hehehe).

Check this chic out!

Step 1: You Need

An Old T-Shirt

An Old Cloth (114 cm x 114 cm)


Step 2: Fold the Cloth!

Fold the cloth. Do this, in case to fit your height. Hold it with safetypins. Don't make the far gaps.

Step 3: Let's START!

Inside-out your t-shirt.

Step 4: Next

Now, start it from the front side of your t-shirt. Place the cloth about 3-5 cms from the bottom line of your t-shirt. Hold it with safetypins. Don't gap it to far. Do this until the cloth is surrounding your t-shirt..

Step 5: Tada!

Now, inside-out again your t-shirt.
And Ta Daaa! Your chicy outfit is ready to wear.

Step 6: PS:

PS: you can hang anything at the safetypins. (eg. chains)



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