A Simulation of Plastic Rock


I am a high school student who enjoys gardening, playing video games such as the Legend of Zelda ...

Plastic rock flows like a thick liquid and then solidifies when subjected to an abrupt force. In this experiment you will produce a mixture that simulates such behavior.

Credits: "Exploring Creation with Physical Science", author: Dr. Jay L. Wile


• A shallow pan or dish
• Cornstarch
• Measuring cups
• Water
• Spoon for stirring

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Step 1:

Put one cup of corn starch into the pan. And then add 2/3 cup of water. Stir the water and cornstarch together.

Step 2:

Add 1/2 cup cornstarch to the mixture. Stir the cornstarch into the mixture.

Step 3: Cleaning Up

To clean the pan or dish, try to throw away as much of it as you can, and then wash the mixture down the drain with hot water. Keep the hot water running for awhile to make sure that there is none left in the drain.

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