A Sneaky Brush

Introduction: A Sneaky Brush

This is for the hiding contest and for fun. It is a easy way to hide your money and small items from people while it is being in plain sight. Luckily, nobody would notice.


Step 1: Get Your Parts

You will need the following:

- Two Screwdrivers (big and a small)

- Wire Cutters (to pull out a certain part)

- A Electric Toothbrush

- Hot Glue and Gun

Step 2: Fold Your Money

For the first part, you will want some money to keep safe. If you don't want to ruin your big cash, then just have a twenty or two. To start, fold the dollar in half vertically, then half again horizontally. After that fold it in half vertically again, then in half horizontally. You did it. Now put it in at the bottom of your toothbrush or wherever your batteries go.

Step 3: Cleaning Up and Fixing the Brush

Start by taking off the brush. Then using a big screwdriver, take off the head of the brush. Now, use the small screwdriver to take off the parts at the bottom of the removable brush. Once done, use the wire cutters to pull out a little bar that is holding down a metal rod. After taken out, pull out the metal rod and you got it! Finally, snap back the bottom part of the head, and use the hot glue to glue back together the top part. You have now finished this step and this is ready to use for anything to hide!

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