A Solar Oven




Making a solar oven out of tape, a pizza box, and tin foil.

Step 1: A Pizza Box

Now take a pizza box of any kind. A papa johns, a little ceasars, or even a pizza hut.

Step 2: A Square

Now cut a square depending on how you want it on the top of the box. Don't cut it completely off.

Step 3: Tin Foil

Now take tin foil. Now cut a piece of it off about as big as the box.

Step 4: Putting on Tin Foil

Now take the tin foil and put it on the box. You might need a few tin foil pieces. Also put tin foil on the square you cut.

Step 5: You Are Done!!!!

You are now done!! You can now cook stuff in your oven.



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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    The square is to redirect the sun and make it hit the food. I will soon put pics of it being used.