A Solar Powered Origami Holiday


Introduction: A Solar Powered Origami Holiday

First to make this  Holiday a Solar Powered one, one must create a Miller Solarengine Circuit.
To assemble the pieces you may look at the diagrams from the links below , the picture, or just by the pieces I used.
I soldered a Timer cap, 1381 cap face down, 2N 3904 cap facing up, d1 Diode, Power storage Capacitor, and an LED light onto the Motor Connection area on the circuit. Having all of this allows the circuit to use the solar cell correctly and create light through solar power instead of with a battery.


After your Miller Solarengine Circuit is created it is time to make everything in the theme of the Holidays!
I chose to make a lit  origami Santa Hat!
Here is a picture of it and then how it looks finally with the added touches and light on it!
Here is a link though to make the santa hat with ease!


Lastly just charge up your circuit with natural light and then you will have a solar powered holiday themed origami structure!



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