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Introduction: A Star Ornament

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I made this Star Ornament from an old Bicycle chain

Step 1: What to Do....

I used an old bycicle chain.

I put it in a plasitc bottle and put some degreaser to it.

Shake the bottle and leave it like this for an hour.

Step 2: What You Need...

1. A bycicle chain

2. Chaintool ( to take out the little pin )

3. Plastic bottle

4. Degreaser

5. A jig to keep the star in place

6. CA Glue

7. A string or a piece of wire

Step 3: Lets Get Started

To make the Stars.... your chain has to be 5 chain links long

Lay the chain into the chaintool and screw the pin out the chain link.

After the chain is loose you make a loop and put the pin back into the chains links.

Use the chaintool again.

Now you have a loop of 5 chain links.

Step 4: Lets Make the Star

Lay the chain on the jig between the pins. So that you can fine tune your star.

Is your Star looking good .... use CA glue to hold the chain links together.

Wait till the glue is dry and your Star is ready.

Step 5: The Finishing Toutch....

Make a small loop from a piece of wire to hang the Star in the Christmas tree.

Hope you injoy making it.

For full instructions you can watch the video



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    7 Discussions

    This is pretty cool, how would they look sprayed silver or gold?

    1 reply

    Well give it a try.... i love the steam punk look....

    Nice! Very neat idea.


    2 years ago

    where do you get the chain tool and how did you make your jig ?

    1 reply

    I bought the chain tool at the local bycicle store... and the jif is just a piece of wood with some nails

    this is a really cool way to recycle old chains! How many did you make with that one?

    1 reply

    Well I made 4 yet and still have some chain left. You just need 5 chain links for 1 star.