A Steampunk Necklace for the Mad Scientist




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Dear Steampunks, dear Followers

This time I would like to show you something very simple. A few days ago I had an important date with a friend and my daily worn Steampunk necklace was broken. During the cleanup in my Laboratory I found a nice old vacuum tube from 1948 and a brass nozzle from an old bakery. A new idea was quick born: "The Steampunk Necklace for the Mad Scientist"...

Step 1: The Few Things You Will Need...

To create your own Steampunk necklace you will need a few things:
  • an old vacuum tube, not too big, because the small ones are a lot stronger!!
  • a nozzle from a bakery or a piece of copper tube, may you have some copper fittings in the correct size
  • a leather ribbon or something similar
  • a Hot Glue Gun, sandpaper and a drill machine

Step 2: 15 Minutes From Start to Finish

To build this kind of necklace you will need not more than 30 minutes. My first one I created in just 10 minutes, that's why this small project is ideal for the beginner in the Steampunk Maker World.

There are only three very easy steps to follow.

First Step:

Clean the tube and bend the metal pins softly so that they are not straight anymore. Check the picture.

Second Step:

Clean the brass nozzle or a piece from an old copper tube and drill two holes in it. Then use sandpaper to raughening the inside of the nozzle or tube. Clean the inside good with alcohol.

Third Step:

Hold the tube with the pins upside and place the nozzle or tube piece on it. Hold it with one finger or use tape to hold it on place. Take the Hot Glue Gun and fill the tube or nozzle with tube, so that the pins are covered.
Even the nozzle/tube becomes very hot, I prefer to work manually, means without tape. Because it's easier to see if the tube and the nozzle are perfect aligned. As long as the glue is warm you can still correct it.

That's it !!!

Step 3:

Your Steampunk Necklace is almost finished. I used a leather ribbon to finish it, because it looks steampunky and high grade.

So, I hope I could give you some new ideas. Please add your pictures of your own creations. I'm very curious.

Sincerely yours

The Chocolatist


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    your welcome I used a old burned out bulb from a car so you may be able to get one easy next time you need to replace your headlights


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    Winged Fist

    6 years ago on Introduction

    Hey Chocolatist - If you could make this blink, it would be perfect for a 19th Century Rave!;-) Yet another beautifully presented project!

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