A Successful Fire

Introduction: A Successful Fire

Why is a good fire important? Fire has many benefits, both physical and psychological. A fire, right next to a shelter can go towards making you feel comfortable wherever you are, even if you don't need the heat from it. The fire is good for the body, and the soul, whether you are in a campsite with your family, or surviving alone in the wilderness.

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Step 1: Collect the Wood

This part usually takes the longest. Collect kindling, twigs, small sticks, then branches. And if desired, collect logs or thicker branches. Collect what you think you need, then collect 5 times more. I also make sure every time I leave, I make sure I come back with a load of wood to add to my pile.

Step 2: What to Light It With?

There are so many ways to light a fire. I always use the things I can use over and over, like a magnesium fire starter, or a fire steel. But people often use lighters or matches. You can also use homemade or store bought fire starters. (My favorite homemade fire starter is charred cloth).

Step 3: Kindling

The first thing you should have is a bundle of light, fluffy stuff, like cotton, dryer lint, or cattail fluff. In the picture I use the papery stuff you peel off of bark, this works great. Bundle this loosely, then surround it with the small stuff, this would be your twigs and your pine needles. light this when you think it is ready. (Make sure you have the small sticks close by)

Step 4: Add It On

When you have your small stuff going, slowly add on the bigger stuff. It goes the smaller sticks, once those are going, then add the branches, then the heavier wood. Now you should have a nice, warm fire. You can use it for cooking, warmth, light, comfort, and many other benefits. Good luck and happy camping.

Step 5: Enjoy It!

Roast some marshmallows, make some charred cloth, enjoy its warmth and comfort.

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