A Tea Flowing With Milk and Honey




About: The name comes from the First Star Trek movie, that pretty much says it all.

Now that's my cup of tea.

I did a search on instructables and I could not find anywhere how to make my tea. I was mystified. Then I did a Google search and was further mystified. All kinds of ways of making tea, but not mine. And it's so simple. So there was only one solution ---- show you how its done.

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Step 1:

You start with a good size mug, not a little tea cup, and add water but not to the top. Leave some room. Drop in your tea bag and flip it over so its wet on both sides.

Step 2: Microwave It

Now put it in the microwave. Yes, I said microwave it, for 90 seconds. If you like it a little hotter then go for 99 seconds.

Take it out of the microwave and stir it a little or bob the tea bag up and down. Probably not any more than 30 seconds. The water will be nice and dark. This actually makes pretty strong tea, I don't know why, it just does.

Put the tea bag in the spoon and wrap the string around it and squeeze it out. I use my thumbs. It is almost to hot at this point but if your fast you don't notice the temperature.

Step 3: Add Honey and Milk

I like it sweet so I use about a spoon and a half of honey. You can go for more or less but this is a big mug so more is better. I don't use sugar. In fact on the occasions that I have not had honey and used sugar it just did not taste right. Sugar leaves an acid sour taste, at least to me it does. Besides Honey is supposed to be good for you.

The flavor will change a little depending on the type of honey you have. Its all good.

Now stir in the honey and top off the mug with a little milk. That's all it takes. Maybe 2 1/2 minutes all together. Fast and good.

I read online that making tea with milk will reduce its antioxidants. And honey also has antioxidants that are altered by mixing with tea. Are you kidding me, I do it this way because I LIKE IT. The fact that it's good for me besides is a bonus so I am not worried if it looses a little. Just drink an extra cup if your that worried about it. At least its not bad for you.

Step 4: The Challenge

So, take a couple of minutes and give it a try. Dump that swill coffee out of your cup and make some good tea. What are you out if you try it? A tea bag and some honey?

And now for the challenge. One of the new and improved instructables features is the "I made it" button. Lets see if we can set a record for that. Take a few minutes, make a cup and then click "I tried it". Should we shoot for a million? OK, How about 100. Anybody want to have a cup of tea with me? I hope you will enjoy it.

Just a few notes:

Some may have noticed the play on words of the title. The actual phrase you are probably familiar with is "a land flowing with milk and honey". This was also referred to as the "promised land". Like jessyratfink mentioned lately, a good title can be important to getting more views. So I thought the title might grab a few search engines if someone does a search for "the land flowing with milk and honey".

My use of the Montana mug was not implying that Montana is the promised land, although for many lately it could be that what with the huge employment surge caused by the oil exploration going on. The mug was actually put out by the US post office when they released the commemorative stamp for Montana in 1989. That marked the100th year of statehood. I thought it was a cool mug to use for this.

Finally if any of you are unhappy by my referring to swill coffee I was more thinking about that left over stuff in the bottom of the cup that has been sitting around for half the day and that I have seen people drink and then exclaim "yuk". I know your weren't really offended, it's all in good fun.

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4 years ago

Good that you shared this. I personally enjoy my Earl Grey with Raw Honey I get from a local supplier. It has elder flower flavours. Quite a good cuppa I might add.
I do it as I can't stand refined unnatural sugars. Makes sure the honey you buy is not fake, there are loads and its legal.

1 reply

Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

To me sugar gives the tea an acid flavor. I have used some honeys in other places and sometimes they have reminded me of a sugar flavor so it's possible that it had a lot of sugar in it. There is a local bee farm (apiary) just a few miles from me. I get a lot of my honey from them. They put hives out all over the countryside so its from clover and alfalfa and other farm crops.


5 years ago

I have always drank tea this way. My family drinks tea/coffee this way. I always thought it was odd that no one else seemed to drink tea with milk and honey. My favorite is chai tea with milk and honey. Yum!


5 years ago

Nice cup, good recipe! Now, as a born and raised Bitterrooter, I would like to point out that "Montana-proper" doesn't begin until you are west of Big Timber! The portion of the state that you live in should have been designated West Dakota! ;-)

1 reply

Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

However, now because of the oil revenue I think its getting to be more accepted. Maybe they should make a new state called "Bakken" and include all of the area of the oil field and they could keep all the money for themselves, not unlike California wanting to make Silicone valley a separate state. Nahh, we have no problem with sharing. Plenty enough Big Sky to go around.


5 years ago

Tea in the morning is the best way to wake up, I've been drinking it for years. But the really good stuff in black is only realised if you scold the bag with boiling water. Green tea would work well with this method. :)


5 years ago

chai latte with honey is great. drink it hot or cold


5 years ago

Your out a cup of good coffee is what your out of. How dare you insult a delicious drink.