A Tennis Ball Gruppet



I have seen Ventriloquists use tennis ball before. You just mark out and cut in the smile seam and then bubble in two Smiley Face dot eyes, right? ... WELL ... I decided to do one reflective of MY personal experience with depression and bipolar disorder. So .... meet MANI DEPP, Mani for 'manic' and Depp for 'depression' (those term used to be the title for the problem). ... You might think this RUDE, but looking BACK, there were some really funny moments ... like meeting the devil face to feather, dreaming I was a wax work figure melting on the hot sidewalk, my brain running on high for a week and then suddenly crashing to the floor. At the time these seemed tragic, but I managed to survive, recover, and laugh at myself. ....... So get a tennis ball. Mark out and cut a Smiley Face and if you want, go ahead and add those dot eyes with a marker ..... OR .... get some colored beads and plastic washer that fit them and glue them down as you see here. .... AND if you're truly daring, flip the ball to a frown and glue more eyes. Develop a positive and negative conversation between the two, with you as referee, and literally flip the face in front of your crowd as it plays out. ... The tooth pick id optional!

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