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I am still learning how to post on this website so hopefully I posted this correctly. This dress here I call a touch of Paris! because of what I see and hear people talk about makes me feel as though I will one day have a chance to visit. The dress is bold like Paris full of life and exaggeration:) so I hear. This is my first attempt at a dress and I found it VERY difficult even though the pattern said it was easy. In the end, I was happy with the results as a beginner in sewing. I look forward to making more and I hope you find the instructions handy.

Step 1: First Step- Interfacing

Unfortunately, I cannot put the dress on because I am in my 1st trimester:) so I guess I will be sewing differently now. I do want to apologize beforehand. I am a rookie at sewing and still learning. This is my first dress so I thought pictures would help better than my written explanations. After ''tracing '' a dress outfit(top) that fits you nice and ''cutting it out, along with sleeves if you like sleeves then the real instructions begin. 1st picture here I used that interfacing to give it that nice feel.

Step 2: 2nd Step- Bodice Back & Front, and Armhole Edges Instruction

top part of this was hard to read hopefully you can zoom in. It reads:

  1. Stitch darts- for the shirt Bodice Back
  2. Stich bodice back to bodice front sections at shoulders & sides, leaving left side open below large circle.
  3. Staystitch neck edge of bodice
  4. Turn- in seam allowance on notched edge of un-interfaced Collar. Press, trim pressed seam allowance to 3/8''(1cm)
  5. Stitch collar sections together, leaving notched edge open. Trim.
  6. Turn collar right side Press.
  7. Pin collar to neck edge, clipping bodice neck edge where necessary. Stitch, keeping pressed edge free. Trim. Press seam toward collar.
  8. Slipstitch pressed edge over seam
  9. Lap right bodice front over left, matching centers. Baste across lower edge.
  10. For the ARMHOLE EDGES
  11. Staystitch armhole edge
  12. Open out one folded edge of bias tape; press out crease & preshape tape to match curve of armhole by pressing lightly
  13. Pin bias tape to armhole edge, placing crease along seamline, turning in ends to meet at side seam. Stitch along crease. Trim bodice seam allowance even with bias tape.
  14. Turn bias tape to inside along seam. Press. Baste in place. Slipstitch ends. On outside, stitch close to basted edge.

Step 3: Step 3- Skirt Part

  1. Stitch Skirt Front and Back sections together at sides leaving one seam open above large circle forming left side, as shown.
  2. Gather upper edge of skirt front and Back between small circles

Step 4: 4th Step Last Finishes

  1. Open out midriff facing. Pin skirt to lower edge of midriff. Adjust gathers;baste. Stitch. Trim. Press seam toward midriff.
  2. Slipstitch pressed edge of midriff facing over seam. Baste raw edges together at side.



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