A Versatile Table

What you see on this picture is a table that can both serve as an ordinary table and extend a standard IKEA dining table when required; that's why I called this table "versatile." You'll know about how to make it from the following steps.

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Step 1: That's How the Idea Was Born...

... I needed to extend an IKEA dining table to receive a pretty

big audience; for this I made two semicircular pieces (1) one of which you can see on the picture. The piece is attached to the original table (2); the other piece is at the other end of the table. The extension and its leg is made of wood particle board, 20 mm thick.

Step 2: You Can See One of the Extensions...

...on the picture. The two wooden bars of the extension will be fixed to the bars of the original table by using two M5 bolts with nuts and washers. However, where to

keep these extensions when they are not needed? It’s not everyday that you have big audiences. You'll find the answer in the next step.

Step 3: Another Table Was Born

Then I decided to use these extensions to make an autonomous

table, which you also can see on the picture. For this, I added a middle part (number 4 on the picture).

The width and height of the extensions depend on the width and height of the table to be extended. In my case the width is 90 cm, the height is 74 cm. The middle part (4) of the table could be made wider; in this case, the radii of the transition from the middle part to the both extensions should be different to obtain a smooth curve.

Step 4: The Base of the Table

The base of the table is formed with the bars (5) and (6). The bars (5) are perpendicular to the bar (6); they are fixed to the legs of the extensions by using four M5 bolts (two for every leg) with nuts and washers. The extremities of all bars must be within the outline of the tabletop.

Please feel free to contact me for further questions.

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