A Very Easy to Build Ice Skating Rink




Building an ice skating rink can be simple and inexpensive, and only requires a few items (a white tarp, PVC pipe, and duct tape). Watch 9 year old Karlisse show how it's made in the video. In the spring just take it apart and store away for next winter.

What you'll need:

1 White tarp. We used this one which is 20' x 30'. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000FH7NHQ/ref=o...

10 ten foot lengths of 4" PVC pipe (for a 20' x 30' rink).

4 PVC elbows, 4".

1 roll of white duct tape.

Flat ground.

Cold weather.

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Step 1:

Connect the PVC pipe to make a 20' x 30' perimeter.

You'll need to trim a couple of feet off each side since the tarp needs to overhang the PVC perimeter.

Step 2:

Duct tape ALL the PVC joints.

Step 3:

Spread the tarp over the PVC pipe. Use a white tarp--a colored tarp will melt sooner.

Step 4:

Tape the tarp to the PVC pipe in lots of places with duct tape.

Step 5:

Start filling with water. Keep leaves and other debris out of the water.

Step 6:

Adjust the height of the PVC pipe "walls" as you see the water filling since the ground is probably not perfectly flat. Place something like extra PVC pipe under the perimeter to raise it up where needed. Keep an eye on this as the water fills.

Step 7:

Wait for a couple of very cold days for the water to freeze. You may want to pack snow around the edges to protect the tarp from skate blades.

Step 8:

For an extra special rink, place LED Christmas lights under the tarp. Make sure to use a GFCI outlet.

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