A Very Fun and Effective Way to Make a Word Search! ( Very Easy)

Introduction: A Very Fun and Effective Way to Make a Word Search! ( Very Easy)

Hello Every one! This is my first Instructable so please leave comments and advice! Thanks!

   The word search, a very fun way to entertain yourself, I've thought of typing out a big block of letters on Microsoft Word so that I could make my own, but I knew there should be an easier way to make this great puzzle. So I went to http://www.armoredpenguin.com/wordsearch. It's a great website with options to make crossword puzzles,and scrambled word puzzles, and more! Ok lets get started!

 Disclaimer: I am not responsible for accidental catistrofic brain faliure that might happen to your friends when you give them a super hard puzzle...

Step 1: Getting Started

   If when you click on the link in the link in the last step, a page like the one bellow will appear. At the top, you'll find slots where you can type in the words that you want hidden in the puzzle. So go ahead and type those there... The next slot that you can see in the picture but can't read the word next to it, is the title slot. Under that is the authors name slot, followed by the puzzle description. Then you'll find the puzzle color bar, followed by the backround color,followed by font sizes, followed by HTML and PDF settings. That was a big sentence. So instead of saying all the rest, I'll tell you that  the rest of the input bars are either self explainitory, or have a link by it's side explaining what that bar does.

  After your done filling in your settings, hit the make puzzle button.

Step 2: Printing Your Word Search

   When you click the make puzzle botton, a preview of your puzzle will be shown. Don't worry it only looks uneven now. Hit the print PDF button. Then do the good old control P, or just click the print button.

Step 3: Printing Your Word Searches Answer Key.

   To print the answer key, click the answer key PDF and hit control P or the print button. ( duh)

                 Thanks for reading my first instructable!!!! please leave comments!

  And how the heck do you make the yellow boxes around certain parts of some pictures!?!?!?!?!
    Please leave answer in comments, or message me.

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