A Very Simple Pen Holder

Introduction: A Very Simple Pen Holder

A very simple pen holder with only a few household items

Step 1: Materials

List Of The Materials
-1x can of Pringles (empty)
-2x rubber bands
-1x scissors
-1x piece of cloth

Step 2: Cut the Pringles

Cut the Pringles the height you want. I cut them about 1/3. Then it should look like the 2nd picture

Step 3: It's Time to Put the Cloth

Take a cloth of your choice. I cut one from an old shirt cause I liked the pattern. Then you put it like how it shows in the picture. Make sure that it covers the outside. If I does not choose an other cloth.

Step 4: Rubber Bands

Now put the rubber bands on and you are ready.

Step 5: Here Is Your Pen Holder.

Your pen holder is ready. Now throw some pens, markers, and pencils. It should look like this!

Step 6: Also...

You can also use it as a hiding spot for your money e.c.t.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice instructable. Your pen holder would be even better if you used some pretty patterned cloth ;)


    5 years ago

    Of you liked it please leave a like


    Reply 5 years ago